The University of Tokyo Association Football Club has the following objectives for its existence.

Purpose of existence

To be a responsible member of society and the soccer world
To be the most valuable soccer club in Japan

1.All members of the club will enjoy the joy of soccer.

2. To be a team that is loved by the people around us.

3. To produce advanced human resources who contribute to society.

Action Guidelines 

1.Spread the joy of soccer.

2.Value the relationship with the people around us

3. Seek our value in society


 The purpose of our existence is “a benchmark for the University of Tokyo Association Football Club to become stronger as a team,” and we hope that our activities based on this benchmark will lead to the improvement and strengthening of the club’s value. Action guidelines are “concrete standards that can be incorporated into activities,” and have the role of connecting the purpose of existence and activities.

 The University of Tokyo Association Football Club has such a purpose of existence, but as a soccer team, winning matches is a prerequisite for achieving our purpose of existence. One of our slogans in pursuit of results is

“Promotion to the Kanto Region”.

We have not been able to achieve this goal since we were relegated from the Kanto 2nd division in 1977.