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The University of TOKYO Association Football Club (since 1918)

About the University of Tokyo Association Football Club

The University of Tokyo Association Football Club, the official football team of the University of Tokyo, is one of the most traditional football clubs in Japan. It was founded in 1918 and has won the title of All Japan University Championship in the past. Now, the club has a cutting-edge “technical unit” which is in charge of video and data analysis. This team has as many as 20 proficient staff members and is supported by a leading Japanese engineering firm. They are also receiving attention from the AI academic community.

The club, having around 100 members, also has an advanced management system. The current manager Ryohei Hayashi, former football player who has played in the FIFA Club World Cup, was brought by students. In addition, students practice acquisition of partnership with companies and professional clubs. The club aims to produce people who will change the world of Japanese and global football.